About Me

photo2My name’s Shiran and I live is Johannesburg, South Africa. I love to read and will pick up a book (or my Kindle) long before I do anything else. Reading feeds the soul… it gives you a world to visit that is not your own. Every page breathes life into your imagination and teaches you more about who you are. For me, anything fiction (preferably fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi with some hot sex scenes throw in) is worth reading.

Another reason why I really love reading is because, believe it or not, reading also teaches you, in the knowledge sense (yes, even fantasy). The more you read the better your vocab gets, plus any really good book is well researched, when the story is all about Greek Gods, you really do learn a thing or two.

I’m also an avid movie buff, ready to watch pretty much anything. I won’t say I’ve seen everything, but I’ve definitely seen more movies, across a wide genre, than most people. Some of my favourite movies are Serenity, Willow, The Shawshank Redemption, Cutthroat Island, Ruthless People, Harold and Maude, Warm Bodies and Super Troopers.

photo3This all feeds my other love – writing. Yes, I’m a writer by trade, but really writing is a part of who I am. I find myself writing even when I’m in the shower. Every book I read and every movie I watch has an effect on what and how I write.

So now you know a little bit about me…


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