Raw by Belle Aurora

20421367What it’s about:

Alexa Ballentine has had a hard life but she’s made the most of it, once homeless in the US, Lexi is now a great social worker in Australia with incredible friends… and a stalker that is always watching her. But when Lexi is attacked, her stalker comes to the rescue and Lexi’s life is changed forever.

She should have run, should have been scared, should have asked Twitch to leave and never come back… but she didn’t. She let him in, and falls in love with her stalker.

What I thought:

My rating: 5 stars

5 dark, dirty, raw, emotional stars!!

This book was everything 50 Shades should have been. Had this book been the one to take the place of 50 Shades the world would not only know about raw, dirty sex, they would also know about exceptional writing and real storytelling… wait a minute, 50 Shade taught the world nothing about raw, dirty sex. My bad. But seriously, this was an extraordinary read, something so captivating that my world has changed just because I know this book exists.

Aurora picked the perfect title for this book, it can really be described in one word RAW. I knew this was not going to be a happy story when I read the synopsis, any avid reader knows that a story about a woman falling in love with her stalker cannot end well, but what amazed me about this book was the funny. Really, there were parts where I honestly laughed out loud. How Aurora managed to keep me on the edge of my seat, my emotions in knots and a smile on my face I’ll never know, but I take my hat off to her. What’s more, I couldn’t believe that I was enjoying the love story. The truth is that it’s a dark tale and we can all read this and say “I’d never do that” but secretly we love the dirty side of this book.

I can’t say I fell in love with Twitch the way I would normally love the male character in other books but I kinda liked him. *Blush. He’s so broken and I’m not one of those girls that likes to fix a guy, but there was just something about him that drew me to him. I wanted to be a part of his world, darkness and all. I wanted Lexi to love him and even when I knew she needed to leave, when his secrets came out and you see the full extent of his dark side, I didn’t want her to leave him. I loved Lexi! What a great character, she’s crazy and compassionate, tough but fragile. Aurora really wrote a well thought out character and I just loved being in her head, reading the silly things she thought and the pain she felt.

And the sex… what can I say, this book made me kinda like the idea of hard, dirty, f*&ked-up sex. Don’t judge me! It plays out all those dark, blush-worthy fantasies people have and because we read it from the POV of the submissive AND the Dom (no offense on the labeling Twitch) every part of the sex is a turn on. This is the kind of BDSM story that those sad, sex deprived women who loved 50 Shades need to read… or maybe not, this might just give their prude asses a heart-attack. And that’s the bottom line. This book is something powerful, something exceptional, something great, but it’s also something dark and disturbing. So the warning is, don’t read if you can’t handle the depraved.

I really did love this book, it made me happy and sad, excited and disturbed, it haunted my dreams and weaseled it’s way into my soul. Every page was worth reading and I’m so excited to read more about the RAW family – darkness and all.


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