Captive Heart by Glynnis Campbell

The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch #2

17230264What it’s about:

Helena of Rivenloch has fire in her heart and battle in her blood, and she’s desperate to save her youngest sister from a fate worse than death…marriage. When Helena attempts and fails to slay the bridegroom, she does the next best thing…abducts his right-hand man, the witty and dashing Sir Colin du Lac, and demands her sister as ransom. But her plans go awry as her captive—amused and enchanted by her wild spirit—becomes a willing participant in her scheme, and Helena soon finds her own heart held hostage. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

What I thought:

My Rating: 4 Stars

It’s so easy to devour the books in this series, with strong-willed females in a world where men rule, you know that every page is going to be entertaining. I enjoyed this book thoroughly, not as much as the first, but still, Helena’s story was action-packed and exciting. The reason this book wasn’t as great as the first was because I found Helena’s impulsive nature a bit annoying. Campbell wrote her character well though, everything she did was on impulse and made for some frustrating, and entertaining moments. I do like that Helena stuck to her guns and wouldn’t allow herself to be dominated by a man, even if the way she went about it made me want to smack her.

Colin was a very entertaining character, I liked that he teased Helena and the way he charmed everyone. At one stage I really wanted him to go all caveman on her, just throw her over his shoulder and carry her back to Rivenloch. I’m so used to having hot, dominating Highlander men in these types of books and it’s quite entertaining to have the men be noble Normans who react a lot calmer to situations. They’re still damn hot though and I find that when they do go all “me Tarzan, you Jane” on the ladies, you can’t help but fall in love with them.

The way this storyline was built was fantastic, I loved that it ran parallel to the events in the first book and that we get to see Pagan and Deirdre’s relationship through someone else’s eyes. It was fascinating to see how Helena reacted to their relationship and how Colin viewed the events of the first book. Campbell does a great job of building excitement and mystery for the next book and I have no doubt that she has saved the best for last. I’m excited to get started and see what sweet, timid Miriel is really like.


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