Crux by Moira Rogers

Southern Arcana #1

5895613What it’s about:

After a crazy stalker shows up on Mackenzie Brooks’ door step with a story about supernatural beings and destiny, she goes on the run. But Marcus keeps finding her and she’s tired of running. She ends up in New Orleans working in a bar for some really weird characters, and when her well-meaning boss puts PI, Jackson Holt on her case, Mackenzie comes face to face with the incredible truth: magic is real, and whatever spell has kept her hidden and separate from the paranormal world is rapidly deteriorating.

What I thought:

My Rating:  2 Stars

So I really, really, really wanted to like this book, I really did. I’ve loved Moira Rogers’ writing since I ploughed through her Red Rock Pass series and I picked this one up because it is one of hers. Unfortunately it just didn’t live up to my expectations, in fact, I found the story a little annoying. 😦

This book starts off so well but then all of a sudden it just becomes blah. I found that there was no passion between Kenzie and Jack. They just kind of like each other and there’s like a quick intimate scene, that I felt had no excitement to it. They meet so quickly and everything happens in such a short timespan but feels like it takes forever. At one stage I looked down and realised I was only at 40% and I just wanted it to end. I ended up skimming from about 50% in and even skimmed through the sex scene, because I just didn’t feel the connection between Kenzie and Jack.

I wasn’t too fond of all the side characters either and in the end it was the relationship between Michelle and Arron that piqued my interest.

Ok I don’t normally do this but… SPOILERS AHEAD: You’ve been warned
I also felt like Kenzie was so scared and so efficient at running but then we find out it’s only been a month? The way she spoke, you would think she’d been running from evil for years, plus she just accepts Marcus? In the beginning she makes him out to be this terrifying, crazy entity and then all of the sudden she’s considering making babies with him and letting him save her? Seriously? Can we say stockholm syndrome? And she gets kidnapped by the people who have been chasing her across the country and they just let her be, go where she wants and run free in her cat from? Oh and I had to have a huge laugh at the big “plan” part of the book. They contact all the big wigs, get a huge plan in place to rescue Kenzie and then they get there and she’s gone… Bhahahahaha! I mean really? What a waste of a good idea. Talk about an anti-climax. And the really sad thing is, you see it coming, all because she was too stupid to get anyone’s cell number.


I will give Rogers props for creating an interesting supernatural world and the writing was good. The banter could be entertaining at times and I liked the idea behind the werewolf hierarchy and politics, it can really bring something great to the rest of the books. I still have faith that Rogers is a great story teller and I’ll probably try the next book in the series… eventually.


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