Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones

18722968Charley Davidson #6

What it’s about:

Charley’s having a typical Charley day… naked dead guy in her back seat, a man missing his soul and a mystery woman who she suddenly needs to find. As a PI Charley solves a lot of mysteries but when you’re the Grim Reaper tasked with sending the dead to heaven, life has some complications. Throw in a super sexy son of Satan who is waiting for a simple yes/no answer and things might get complicated.  Charley is about to discover the answer to some secrets but will she be able to do the right thing?

What I thought:

My Rating: 5 Stars

“He was angry with me once again. Men and their mood swings. Women had nothing on them.”

Holy sweet son of Satan… did that just happen?! With this series every book is better than the last, and every book is AMAZING! Jones has created a fantastic world and even more fantastic characters. She is a phenomenal story teller, and I find that when the mystery begins in these books you become so invested and have to solve it.

I LOVE Charley, I need her to be my friend. Best character ever! I really enjoy her twisted mind, with every comment she makes and every time she drive someone crazy I can’t help but smile, or laugh. I love that we’re discovering what she is with her and while I want to strangle Reyes for being so cryptic, I love the way it’s all playing out. Reyes may be the son of Satan but man is he a God. I really enjoyed getting a bit more of his background and I’m ready to jump into the book and help Charley discover even more. 18815437

As I’ve said every other book, I love Cookie, Ubie, Angel and Swopes. Every side character just adds to the story and the comedy of the series. I’m excited to see what happens now that Reyes and Swopes are teaming up with Charley, and with such a shocking twist in the end, I have to know if Charley is going to make it through everything.

This was a real page turner and with so many secrets being revealed and so many “holy shit” moments, I can’t even imagine what Jones is going to come up with next… I must have Seventh Grave NOW!!

I would read this book just for the chapter opening quotes: (I love this woman’s mind)

“Oh, my. What a lovely shade of bitch you’re wearing today. – T-SHIRT” 

“I have a perfect body, it’s in my trunk. – T-SHIRT” 

“On a scale of one to stepping on a LEGO, how much pain are you in? – Sign in Hospital” 

“I lost my virginity but I still have the box it came in. – T-SHIRT”


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