Up from the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

The final instalment in the PNR series that made vampires amazing!

10357792What It’s About:

Vampire’s Cat and Bones have hand a blissfully quiet life for the last couple months and they’re enjoying being a normal couple. But when Cat’s uncle, Don, shows up raising questions about the whereabouts of Cat’s former team members, they find themselves flung back into chaos. And sometimes when you look for one thing, you find something you never expected. War is coming and it’s up to Cat and Bones to stop it, save their friends and find a way to live with what they discover.



What I thought:

At the end, all I see is a new beginning.

The end of this series is quite emotional for me as Halfway to the Grave was the very first PNR book I ever read, and the one that made me fall in love with the genre. Cat and Bones have been a part of my life for a long time and knowing that this is the end gives this book an extra level of emotion.

I really enjoyed this book. I think Frost has created a world worth falling in love with and she ended this series in a way I don’t think any of us saw coming. I thought Frost started this story off really well and I was captivated from the first page. The action started from page one and continued until the end. There were also great twists and every emotion from intense irritation to heart-breaking sorrow.

It was so great to see all the usual characters again but being back in the lives and loves of Cat and Bones was fantastic. I really loved seeing Cat kick ass again and I think she’s grow so much over the series that you can’t help but want to see more of her. Bones is fantastic as always. I couldn’t believe she tortured us again! I mean I knew it wasn’t going to end that way but the pain Cat feels is so tangible my heart broke into a million pieces. But I loved every minute of it. Frost has this amazing ability to make you feel everything her characters do and it makes her books that much more spectacular.

I have slowly fallen in love with Ian and I cross all my fingers and toes that Frost will give him his own spin off book. I think the woman who wins Ian’s heart will be spectacular. In this book we really get to see the nice side of him and I liked having him there to keep everyone on their humorous toes. It was great to see Denise, Spade, Tate, Vlad and everyone again. Reading about them made me desperate to pick up the spin off books again.

I loved the overall storyline and the way all the events played out. The ending was the only ify thing for me. Not because it wasn’t good, but because it was a brand new beginning. Frost could write a whole new series around the way it ended and knowing that’s not going to happen makes me really sad. This series will always be on my top 10 list and some day soon I’m definitely doing a marathon reread just so I can be back in this world.


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