Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones

10980787Charley Davidson #3

What it’s about:

Charley’s life just got a whole lot more sleep deprived, she bound Reyes Farrow, otherwise known as the son of Satan, to his corporal body and now he’s haunting her dreams with lust-filled nights, so armed with Mr Coffee and Misery (her car not the emotion) she’s taking on the night. Luckily, she has an egomaniacal, psychopathic doctor, a pissy dad and a biker gang help her stay awake.

What I thought:

My rating: 5 Stars

This book described in one word – Brilliance!

Every book in this series is even better than the last and this one blew me away. I dove into it eager to find out what was going to happen after the shock ending of the last one and what I got was a storyline worth my weight in gold.

Charley’s world just keeps on expanding and with every new book I find myself more and more enamoured with her. She’s an incredible character with strong morals and and ever stronger sense of sarcasm. The way she handles her forced insomnia is hysterical, even though most times you really wanted her to fall asleep.

All the characters in this book stole my heart, I loved the introduction of the biker gang guys and I think I’m falling a little in love with Swopes. Cookie is ever present to help Charley solve her cases and keep up the quirky banter, not to mention interrupting her at the most inopportune moments. Reyes is mysterious, frustrating and sexy has hell (excuse the pun). There were several moments in this book where I wanted to just tie him to a chair and have my way with him, hell I would have been happy if Charley had done it, either way would have worked because the sexual frustration drove me crazy.

But what I really loved most was the mystery part of this book, the case she had to solve and the reveal about Reyes’ “father”. I could not predict one moment in this book, ok maybe I got one thing right, but the rest was a complete surprise. I couldn’t believe who got shot and who didn’t, which ghost where which and what these stupid men think is the right way to handle things. Honestly about half way through this book I was shocked at the series of events that were unfolding and by the end my jaw was on the floor and I couldn’t stop screaming What?! When this book was over I found myself feeling sad, happy, overwhelmed with shock and just generally emotional, every character made a new discovery along with me and that’s really what makes these books so very brilliant.


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