Hunting Season by Shelly Laurenston

6938271The Gathering #1

What it’s About:

Neecy Lawrence, winged warrior for a Viking goddess and second-in-command of the fierce Crows, doesn’t know what to do with a nice guy. She’s spending her second life making up for a past she’d sooner forget and it leaves her cranky and reading to kill. But Raven leader and loyal Odin warrior, Will Yager, isn’t just nice. He’s gorgeous, hot, and a distraction she simply can’t afford. When Yager offers Neecy 24 hours she can’t resist, she finds herself stuck with him. But when hunting season begins, Neecy discovers that she’s going to need more than a great night of sex.

What I thought: 

I was having a bit of Shelly Laurenston withdrawals when I found this book so I dove into it with gusto. I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed. Hunting Season fits what I would expect from a Laurenston book, it had me laughing my ass off and was full of HOT sex and awesome characters. Ironically though, it’s not what I expected when I started it.

I really got addicted to this world and the story of the Crows and Ravens. The Crows had me in stitches with their crazy banter and the way they lived like sisters. I liked the way Laurenston brought in their background and was able to explain how and what they were without drawing it all out too much. She also (as I have come to expect of her) brought in great side characters who you can’t help but love and she is so good at starting to build their sorties, making you eager to read the next in the series. She built the suspense and mystery around Arri’s character so well and the Epilogue left me with enough questions to keep me interested, but not so much that I am aggravated with it.

I fell in love with Yager every time he opened his mouth. He’s super HOT and really sweet and funny. I enjoyed the way he pursued Neecy and what he said and did to get her to love him. I also loved his interactions with Tye and Mike, their banter was hysterical and full of ass kicking moments. Neecy is a really kick ass character, she’s strong and passionate about her team and their work. I loved that she had a soft side and could turn around and destroy someone in one heartbeat.

As always I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I’m super keen to read the next one.


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