Sleepy Hollow Series


It was inevitable, the day was bound to come when one of the major TV networks would do an adaptation of the classic Washington Irving story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

The original story tells the tale of  Ichabod Crane, an extremely superstitious schoolmaster who mysteriously disappears in the ghost riddled town of Sleepy Hollow. The person, or in this case, spectre responsible for his disappearance was said to be the legendary Headless Horseman. Over the years there have been a couple adaptations of the story, the most notable being the 1999 Tim Burton movie starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci where Ichabod is a constable sent to investigate the murder of 3 people believed to be killed by the Headless Horseman.  Now Fox has created their own adaptation in the series starring Tom MisonNicole Beharie and Orlando Jones.

The series begins with Ichabod Crane in the mists of a war in 1781, killing a man by taking off his head. The next thing we know Crane is climbing out of a grave in a mysterious cave. We soon find out that Crane is now is the year 2013 and that with him has come the infamous Headless Horseman.

I really enjoyed the first episode of this series. It grabbed my attention, and made me eager to see what was going to happen next and find out the answers to all the secrets. I was a bit sceptical going into the series as I was worried it would be a bit ridiculous, but the storyline is actually very clever with the time-travel aspect and Headless Horseman both having a sound back story.

Both Mison and Beharie are fairly unknown actors but they are good. Mison really embodies the character of Crane, a man from 1781. There’s a bit of quirkiness to his character  that he does really well and they’ve certainly made him look the part. Beharie plays the small town cop who has a dark secret in her past which makes her willing to believe Cranes story. I thought she interacted well with Mison and I look forward to seeing how both the characters grow as the series continues.

There are only nine episodes in the first season but I have no doubt that, like other fantasy series, it will build a cult following. The second season has already been listed on IMDB as airing in 2014.


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