The Warriors of Ankh Series by Samantha Young

I recently reviewed book one in this series and after reading it I just ploughed through the rest of the series so I’ve decided to review them together. If you want to check out my review of book one click here.

11382304 Book 2: Blood Past

What it’s about:

All Eden wants is redemption… but the road to redemption is never an easy one. Now that Eden knows the truth it’s time for her to become Ankh, but she’ll soon realise that the pain of the transformation is only the beginning. With her anger towards Noah growing and her loss of Stellen eating at her, Eden will have to learn to trust her instincts, because when the person she loves the most is in danger she’s going to have to choose… him or her.

What I thought:

It’s official… I LOVE this series! I’ve have the great advantage of reading these books one after the other, so they have flowed nicely from one to the other and I am so stuck in this world it’s hard to think about anything else. Book 2 was even better than book one with the introduction of characters giving it another level of enjoyment.

With every book I seem to fall more and more in love with Noah. This one starts with Eden being incredibly angry at Noah for his betrayal of her trust but as the book progresses their relationship becomes more and more in tense and I think their romance made this book just that much better than the first one.

Eden becomes an even more kick-ass heroine in this book and while I miss her smart-ass remarks she is still Eden… just a bit better. I really enjoyed her transformation and I’m so glad it happened quite early in the book and Young didn’t drag it out like some YA series tend to.

The last couple chapters in this book had my heart racing and my emotions on overdrive. In fact the whole book had my emotions on a rollercoaster ride and I loved every minute of it. I also really enjoy that Young doesn’t sugar-coated things, she allows the violence to happen as it should and the dark element of this series really makes it that much more fantastic.

I couldn’t put this one down and I have no doubt the next one will be just as good. I can’t wait to start it!

11382317Book 3: Shades of Blood

What it’s about:

Eden’s life has taken a turn she would never have imagined. She has a purpose, a future. Life should be good. But when an old enemy comes back into her life, she’ll have to choose between being the new Eden or going back to the old Eden… and jeopardizing everything.

What I thought:

I really loved this series. The world Young built was creative and entertaining. I enjoyed the dark, haunting aspect of the series and became addicted to the characters.

I’ll say it again, Eden is a kick-ass character and Noah is so incredible you just want one. I enjoyed the way their characters evolved over the course of these books and the fact that Eden really discovered herself in the end. Their passion and love was tangible and every minute that they weren’t together was devastating.

I had several “I didn’t see that coming” moments in this book and a couple of heart attack ones too. It’s hard to put it down and you just have to know what’s going to happen next.

The one thing I really did love about this series as well, is the writing style. While the book focuses on Eden, there are chapters that jump into other characters perspectives, which was awesome – especially Noah’s. It was great getting some insight from Cam’s unique perspective and being in Tobe’s head was hysterical.

Overall this was a really great ending to a really awesome series! Each book built up and was better than the last.


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