Blood Will Tell by Samantha Young

Book 1: Warriors of Ankh

What it’s About:

Eden is a Soul Eater, a being who lives off the souls of humans, she is drawing close to her Awakening and hating every minute of it. You see, Eden is different to her family, while her father and cousin spend days in their basement torturing people and taking their souls, Eden just wants to be normal. The problem is that Eden is getting stronger every day… and so is her hunger. Trying her hardest not to eat her best and only friend Noah, Eden starts to realise that she’s more different from her family then she thought, and the truth could be the one thing that finally pushed her over the edge.

11201519What I Thought: 

A really awesome start to an incredibly clever series, this book grabs you from the first page and keeps you hooked till the last.

Young has created a dark world that sucks you in and leaves you wondering how anyone could live with such darkness. The back story was brilliantly thought out and executed. The whole concept of the Blessed/Soul Eaters and the Ankh and Neith was really clever and I enjoyed Young’s way of introducing you to it all. She doesn’t take forever in between a characters thoughts to explain it (leading to you forgetting what made the character think about it), she brings it in through flashback memories and events.

I really liked Eden, her character is strong and mysterious, with an ability to keep you captivated and wondering. I loved how she handled the bullies and I have to admit I kinda liked the evil side to Eden, it was kinda kick-ass and quirky. I also loved how Young’s writing is powerful enough to make you feel every emotion Eden feels, from her revulsion towards her father and Teagan to her heart-breaking feelings of betrayal towards Noah.

I LOVE Noah, there were moments in this book when I just wanted Eden to kiss him so bad. There is something so strong and safe about his character and even though you understand Eden’s feeling of betrayal you can’t help but be on Noah’s side.

Some elements of the story were a bit predictable to me but I still enjoyed it. The characters were well written and entertaining, the world is so brilliantly thought out and the dark, violence was great to read about. I liked that Young didn’t hold back on the violence and dark subject matters, it really made the book more than an average YA fantasy. I’m super excited to start book 2 and see how it continues and where Eden and Noah end up.


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