Fading by E.K. Blair

17304237What It’s About:

Candace Parker is an ordinary college student working hard to become a world class ballerina, but her whole world is shattered after a bad date turns into a devastating attack. Just as Candace’s world starts fading she meets Ryan Campbell and slowly he starts to give her a bit of life. But secrets are suffocating and even though Candace thinks her secrets will be their end, it might just be Ryan’s that breaks her.

What I Thought:

I came across this book on a blog I follow and the stunning cover caught my attention, so I checked it out on GR and liked the synopsis. I knew the “attack” would probably be something intense and I was in the mood for something emotional, unfortunately what I got was a vapid story about a vapid girl and her endless musings.

The book started off really slow, dragging on about the boring day-to-day life of Candace Parker. Then all of the sudden she gets violently raped and my whole body went tense. I normally avoid books with rape as I find that reading about it becomes so emotional you almost feel like it’s happening to you, especially when it’s written in such detail, in the first person – like this book. To be honest, when I started the book I assumed that would be what happened but I didn’t think it would be so violent, detailed and long. I was intensely uncomfortable and broken after reading that scene which really makes me take my hat off to Blair. In fact, she’s so detailed about the rape and the procedure after, that I wonder if she’s had first had experience.

So once it’s done and the book continues I’m excited to read on and see where it all goes… turns out it’s nowhere! Blair just launches into a boring back and forth of Candace being annoying, boring and self-loathing, there’s no reason to keep reading and I found myself skimming through a lot of the book. About 50% in she finally meets and starts talking to Ryan, which brings in some element worth reading about, but once again it just becomes boring and long-winded.

In the end I skimmed through a lot of the book and only kept reading in hopes that something amazing would happen at the end. Unfortunately it was all pretty predictable and I was quite happy when it was over.

Having said all of that I really did love Ryan, his character was sexy and loving. I fell in love with him as the book progressed and I really have no idea what he saw in Candace. Really Blair’s vivid (and disturbing) descriptions and writing are the only reason I didn’t give this book a flat 1 star. She built her characters well and even though I didn’t like Candace I think her reactions and behaviour were realistic, once again leading me to wonder if Blair has had some first had experience. I did find her relationship with Jase to be very disturbing and weird, I’ve never read a book where a character says a platonic “I love you” as much as Candace and Jase do. But I did like Jase and Mark, they gave her life an element of something that made the book a little less boring.

Overall I think the book would have been much better as a short story, if Blair had just launched into it and skipped all the long annoying musings I think the book really could have been amazing, because Blair really is a good writer. Unfortunately as is, the book is too long and nothing exciting or worthwhile happens.


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