Throne of Oak by Dana Marie Bell

15839594Maggie’s Grove: Book 2

What it’s about:

Throne of Oak is book 2 in Dana Marie Bell‘s Maggie’s Grove series. It follows on where Blood of the Maple leaves off with Maggie’s Grove recovering from the battle with Terri. The Queen of the forest, Mina is having a hard time recovering from her part in Terri’s plan, suffering from paralyzing dreams that have confined her to her throne. Mayor (and special vampire) Dragos is not going to let her fear keep him away, he’s going to claim his mate and find out who or what is threatening her. But what they find will throw Maggie’s Grove into a battle centuries in the making.

What I thought:

I absolutely LOVED the first book, it was definitely one of Bell’s funniest books, it had me in stitches the whole way through and I loved Parker and Amara. This book was great but not as good as the first one. It still had me laughing out load or smiling like crazy, but for some reason I didn’t love Dragos and Mina all that much. Not that their characters weren’t great, I just didn’t feel their relationship like Bell’s other ones. Having said that the story was really great!

Their relationship aside Mina and Dragos are characters you can enjoy. She’s powerful yet vulnerable, I liked that Mina had such a connection to her people. She’s also strong and commanding, though she isn’t quite as kick ass as the other females in the series. Dragos for me was a bit difficult as, for some reason, he felt a bit old. But he definitely had moments when I thought he was hot and I loved his banter with Eddy.

The other characters were awesome. I really loved Eddy and Trajan! They had me in hysterics. Parker was awesome as always and getting to read more about Ash and Greer was great. I’m excited for their books. Selena is really awesome and I’m keen to read more about her. Mollie is still a bit of a mystery but she is definitely someone I think will be a great heroine.

I enjoyed finding out all the mysteries in this book, it started off a bit slow but once it picked up and all the secrets started to tantalize me, I couldn’t put it down. Bell really has created a world that sucks you in and makes you wish you could move there. She’s such a clever storyteller and I really enjoy the way she’s able to introduce a mystery and play it out so well. I really cannot wait to for the next one!


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