One Question and Some Hate

This morning I went on Facebook and read an article that made me a little ashamed to be a human. Author Lauren Howard will no longer be releasing her book Learning to Love, not because it’s bad or there has been any kind of problem with the book, but because she has been abused by several (moronic) people on Goodreads.

The way the story goes is that Lauren, being new to GR, wasn’t clear on how her book was already getting a rating without it having been released. So, like any normal person would, she asked what the process was. She was told that readers like to rate books before release as a way of expressing their interest in it. Simple questions, simple answer… you would think that’s where it all ends. But no! Some, in my opinion, psychopathic GR users proceeded to write hateful comments to Lauren which ultimately lead to her deciding to pull the book.

“I was then attacked by people for asking that question. People started to rate 1-star to prove “we can rate whatever the hell we want.”

I have complete respect for Lauren’s decision and don’t blame her, or feel like she is letting these bastards win. What I do feel is that there is a need to let these people know that there is a difference between “freedom of speech” and abuse. And attacking someone for asking a question is not “freedom of speech”!

“My book was added to shelves named ‘author should be sodomized’ and ‘should be raped in prison’ and other violent offensive things, all for asking a simple question as a newcomer to the website. “

For me GR is a place to be myself and explore the world I love and I’m devastated that it is now tainted by people who are too immature to respect people. If you want to preach “freedom of speech”, then in the same light, Lauren was embracing her own right to “freedom of speech” by asking the question.

Read for yourself what Lauren has to say:


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