Nightfall By Ellen Connor

First in a stunning post-apocalyptic paranormal romance trilogy.


What It’s About:

When the Apocalypses hits Jenna can’t believe that her unstable, often absent father was right! Luckily for her, he believed what he preached and had a plan in place to save her, one that includes a strong, stoic ex-marine who takes her to a remote cabin in the Pacific Northwest.

What I Thought:

Ok so I’m going to be honest, the thing that attracted me to this book was the cover. It looks so HOT and exciting so I had to give it a try… my verdict? Very interesting story!

At first I thought this story might be a bit weird, I mean a paranormal romance with zombie like creatures? But after reading Warm Bodies I’ll never judge another zombie book too hastily ever again, so I gave it a stab and I was pleasantly surprised. The romance worked really well in it.

I really liked the characters, Manson is awesome! He’s strong and is determined to save Jenna at all costs. I thought that Jenna was a great characters too. She started off a bit girly and weird but she really grew and became a strong character as the book moved on.

But honestly Tru and Penny became my favourite characters towards the end of the book. Penny is very intriguing and I am very interested to get to her book and find out what she knows and how she get’s involved with Tru, cos that’s definitely going to happen.

I liked the progression of the story and how Connor built the world for you. She has just the right amount of mystery, excitement and romance. I’m definitely going to carry on reading, though I’m not too sure about book 2. The doc wasn’t my favourite character. But I have faith in Connor to create another interesting story and I’m excited to find out how it all ends.


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