Addicted to Him by Lauren Dodd

18232282What It’s About:

Cassidy is living in a nightmare, her mother hates her and her step-father loves her a little too much. So she’s come up with a plan to be sent away to stay with her father for summer break. When Cassie arrives at her father’s, expecting to be seen as an annoyance, she’s shocked to find a loving father, the mother she always wanted and a hot guy who could break all her well built walls.

My Rating: ★★★½

What I Thought:

This book was free on Amazon and the cover grabbed my attention so I decided to download it and give it a try. Overall Addicted to Him was not a bad read, but it wasn’t great, though I enjoyed the story and had quite the emotional ride reading it. It starts off a bit slow but once Cassie and Seth meet, the book really picked up.

Cassie has a really bad home life and I don’t blame her for finding a way to get out. Her character was interesting but I found her to be a bit of a conundrum, on one hand she’s 18 years old and behaves like it, reacting irrationally and thinking she’s unlovable, but on the other she’s engrossed in a very adult sexual world. I was quite disappointed with her behaviour when it came to Seth, to be honest I do think it has a lot to do with her age, so I let it slide, but it got to the point where I kept thinking she’s a bit of a moron, someone who will be in abusive relationships her whole life. I also have to say that the sex got a bit much, they were having sex like crazed lunatics all over the place and at times it felt a lot more like intense lust then love. It started off sexy and great, but then became very much dirty and aggressive, which fits perfectly with the story so it does have it’s purpose.

When the book started I really liked Seth, he was a real gentleman and I loved the way he was with his brother and sister. But as the book progressed I really didn’t like him. His possessiveness and aggression was over the top, but I think that’s what Dodd was going for. She wants you to fall in love with him as Cassie does, and then when he behaves like a lunatic, you’re ripped apart.

There was a lot of emotion in this book and I was all ready to give it a very enthusiastic 4.5 stars, at one point I felt so broken from reading about Cassie’s abusive life, I had to curl up in my man’s lap and cry. The truth is until about 80% I really couldn’t put it down, but then Seth and Cassie started irritating me and I kept waiting for something great to happen. Ireally wanted the emotion to peek to a point where I would be destroyed for a week. But, alas, the ending just fell flat and didn’t give me that wow that I wanted. Dodd also didn’t explain some things really well, she lets you know that Seth has a problem but doesn’t actually tell you what it is.

I also have to note that the reason this book would have still only gotten half a star less is because Dodd did one of my writing no-no’s, a real pet peeve of mine – she neglected the contraction. I supposes as a radio writer I’m very used to writing the way people speak but I just can’t stand when people write old school. Don’t say “it is really nice to meet you”, say “it’s really nice to meet you” the sentence works better and in my opinion is easier to read, it’s more natural – see what I did there? 😛


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