Blood of the Maple by Dana Marie Bell

10218082Book 1: Maggie’s Grove series

What It’s about:

In a community of supernaturals you wouldn’t think you could find anything weird, but even the weird have outcasts. In Maggie’s Grove you’ll find two! Vegetarian vampire, Parker moves to Maggie’s Grove after his best friend, Greg, dies of cancer. Now Greg is still with him as a ghost and Parker wants a fresh start. What he finds is a town full of supernaturals, and  the only woman who’s blood was made for his unique diet. Amara has been the outcast in Maggie’s Grove her whole life but when Parker sets his sights on her, everything changes when they face an enemy that threatens to take the whole town down.

What I thought:

I REALLY loved this story, it was very different and incredibly funny. Bell creates a world of the supernatural where even a vegetarian vampire can get some ice cream on a date, and a man could have a full on sexual relationship with a ghost. The characters were well written (as always) and I fell in love with Parker, Amara, Greg and Brain. There were so many great jokes in this book that had me laughing out loud, and once I managed to stop laughing, Bell would just create a new situation or introduce a new character that had me laughing all over again.

This book was action packed with Amara being a great kick ass heroin. She’s small and petite, almost fragile but she can throw her man over her shoulder and carry him off, or fight off an entire pack of angry werewolves. The relationship and romance between Amara and Parker was amazing and I loved the idea behind all the supernatural creatures.

All in all this was a fun, enjoyable read full of laughs, action and HOT sex. I loved every minute and can’t wait for the next one in the series.


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