Heart’s Desire Series by Dana Marie Bell

ImageI am a HUGE Dana Marie Bell fan. Really, I’ve read everything she’s ever written and will read everything she writes in the future. I have recently finished the second book in her Heart’s Desire series and I decided I’d review both books.

Here’s what the series is about:

In this world witches, wizards and warlocks stick to their own. They don’t like to mingle and they all do magic differently. Witches cast from instinct, wizards cast with planning and preparation, and warlocks are mostly evil. The Beckett family are a family of wizards with a curse they would rather people don’t find out about – they’re werewolves! Each Beckett must cast a spell to call their mate to them, the catch is, she has to accept the mating or the Beckett dies.

In book one, Christopher Beckett is tired of being alone. His wolf is howling for his mate, and Chris knows it’s only a matter of time before his needs override everything else in his life. What he wants is a woman of an older lineage, of power to equal his own, someone who will accept his wolf. What he gets is a spunky witch!

In book two, Zachary Beckett figures out the secret to why he’s been screwing up all his life, and the mate who can help him control his power. But before he can be accepted by his true court, he’ll have to fight a warlock and prove himself. 

What I thought of them:

Book 1: Shadow of the Wolf

Bell has created another fantastic world in Shadow of the Wolf. Christopher Beckett is a wizard from a family cursed to live as werewolves. Chris has gotten to the point where he needs to call his mate, so he does the spell all Becketts need to cast. What he gets is a spunky witch who has a bigger problem with him being a wizard than a werewolf.

This is an interesting story,  I loved the idea that even though they are both magical people Chris and Alannah have very different ways of doing things. Witches are more impulsive and the wizards plan ahead and this drives both insane.

I really enjoyed every minute of this book and I fell in love with all the characters. I enjoyed the idea behind the story and, like all Bell’s books, this one had me laughing out loud and blushing like crazy.

If you love magic and some hot sex this book is for you!

Book 2: Hecate’s Own

I really enjoyed this storyline, you feel for Zack in the beginning and want to kill all the witches who treat him bad, even Jo and the king. I did love how Zack was with his family, how playful they were and the protectiveness they share. Jo is a great, spunky witch that you would love to be friends with. I really liked her conviction and the fact that she trusted her instincts and Zack.

I must say Bell really created a captivating story with this one, while the werewolf aspect wasn’t as big as the first book you still knew the story behind it and it was a pivotal part of how things played out. The intricacies of how the world works in amazing and, as I would expect from Bell, you really get attached to the characters. Zack’s “problem” was clever and made total sense, I also like that Bell has set up the other books in the series in a way that makes you so excited to read them. She also made sure you’re salivating to read Chris’s story and then made sure to keep you on your toes, as the next one is about Gareth.

Yet again, another amazing book from DMB full of excitement, passion, humour and HOT sex! Bring on the next one!


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