Down London Road by Samantha Young


What it’s about:

It has always been up to Jo to care for her family, particularly her younger brother, Cole. She’s been making decisions based on what’s best for Cole for as long as she can remember, even the men she dates is determined by how much they can provide for her brother and her. But with Cam, the sexy new bartender at work, the attraction is undeniable. Then Cam moves into the flat below Jo’s, and their blistering connection becomes impossible to ignore.

What I thought:

Ok so here’s what I thought of this book in a nutshell: it’s a roller coaster ride of smiles, emotion, surprise and great sex, all buried deep down in a very very average book.

Down London Road is the sequel to the amazing book On Dublin Street. I really loved the first book and the short story Until Fountain Bridge, but this book left me wanting. It’s the story of Jo and Cam, and while they where good characters I can’t say I loved them. Jo annoyed me a bit, though I did like the realistic way her character reacted to situations. And for most of the book I really didn’t like Cam. I thought he was a judgmental bastard and I was kinda hoping Jo would smack him. I really did like the way he was with Cole though.

For the first half of this book both Cam and Jo where with other people and both their relationships annoyed me. Having said that, the first time Jo and Cam see each other was amazing and the first time something (little but still something) happened between them, you could feel the passion leaking out of the page. And that was the first “peek” in the book, the first moment when I was like “ok now this book is getting good”. Then once they got together the book started to level out and even the HOT sex didn’t make it interesting. And that’s how it stayed until the last couple of chapters, average, with me needing to push to continue. It also became a bit predictable and I started thinking that this story really didn’t have anywhere to go.

Then, something happened, the the story picked up with such a fury of emotion and surprises that I found myself thinking “this book has just redeemed itself”, and I was sweating from the passion and pain. And in the end, when all the greatness ended I skimmed through the last chapter and Epilogue, disappointed that she didn’t end it on the high.

Like I said, it had all the great things I love about a Samantha Young book but only in sporadic piece, with the majority of the book being quite hard to read through the monotony. So it gets the three stars for the great moments but I just couldn’t bring myself to rate it higher. I still have faith is Young’s ability to create amazing books and I will still be excited to read the next one in the series.


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