The Twisted world of Darko


It’s a cold Saturday this side of the world, and I was going through my movies list trying to decide what to watch, and I stumbled onto my copy of Donnie DarkoFor those of you who have no idea what the movie is about here’s IMDB‘s synopsis:

A troubled teenager is plagued by visions of a large bunny rabbit that manipulates him into committing a series of crimes, after narrowly escaping a bizarre accident.

Sound ridiculously weird? That’s because it is, it’s also one of the most brilliant, mind-bowing, intelligent movies I’ve ever seen. Donnie Darko has quite the cult following and leaves you with some questions regarding life and the nature of time and space. Jake Gyllenhaal‘s performance is exceptional and the bunny is so damn creepy it still haunts my dreams. The storyline is full of curve balls and “huh?” moments, but if you watch it properly, and pay attention, by the end you’ll feel enlightened and confused all at the same time.  I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves having their mind muddled.


The sequel S.Darko is also really worth watching. I know it got a lot of mixed reviews and some people loved it, while others hated it, but in my opinion it’s excellent. Not as great as the first one but the story was equally twisted and weird, the characters were captivating and it followed on nicely from the first one. I may not have loved it as much as the first but I definitely walked away from it in the same twisted state of mind, and feeling like reality needed to be double checked.

Here’s the IMDB synopsis:

The story picks up seven years after the first film when little sister Samantha Darko and her best friend Corey are now 18 and on a roadtrip to Los Angeles, when they are plagued by bizarre visions. 


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