How Real Vampire Novels Should Be!

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A couple of years ago I discovered an incredible series – The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost! It’s a series that revolves around a half human/half vampire kick ass heroin and her ridiculously sexy vampire lover. Cat and Bones dove into my life, sliver stakes blazing, and I was hooked. I read the first 4 books cover-to-cover in one go and then eagerly awaited the next book in the series, then I plowed through those and the 2 spin-off series that came with them. But this whole time I still felt that one character in the books needed his own story, VLAD, the sexy fire starter whose character was inspired by the most famous vampire in the world. Then last year (round about this time) the first book in the Night Prince series was released. You can just imagine how excited I was to hear that, not only was my favourite character (other than Cat and Bones of course) getting his own book, he was getting his own series! Book 2 in the series was released this year and I made sure to get my hands on it ASAP as I really loved book 1. 🙂

Once Burned

What it’s about:

Leila has been kidnapped by vampires who want to use her unusual ability to find the prince of darkness, Vlad Tepesh. But Leila has other plans, she teams up with Vlad and together they search for the vampire bent on killing him. Once Vlad meets Leila sparks fly… literally, but can a vampire with so many sins love?

My Review:

“I’m the only authentic Vlad. Everyone else is merely an envious imitation.”

From the first moment I read about Vlad Tepesh I have been waiting for this book. Vlad is my favourite character in the Night Huntress series and I am so very happy that he finally got his own book. Having said that I was a little worried that this book wouldn’t live up to my dreams of who Vlad is… I had nothing to worry about. Once Burned is a fantastic book full of adventure, passion and endless egomaniacal comments.

When you have a character like Vlad you know that the heroine needs to be someone strong and passionate, someone who will put him in his place and not be afraid of him… that woman’s name is Leila. I’m definitely putting Leila on my list of awesome heroines. She’s no Cat but she’s still strong and well written. The thing I loved the most about her character was that she has this special ability and it wasn’t something she was born with, there was no radioactive spider involved, it was simply an accident. One day Leila touched an exposed power line and wham! she becomes a walking power line. I really enjoyed her power, I think it’s super cool and the fact that Vlad is immune made it all that much more HOT. I also loved the way she talked back to Vlad and how she told him straight out that he is an egotistical bastard. It’s nice to have a strong heroine again.

The book is told from Leila’s POV and I think it worked really well. It was really funny reading her thoughts and knowing that Vlad could hear every word. He made me smile every time he opened his mouth and I couldn’t wait to hear what he thought of Leila’s musing. It did feel a bit like Cat and Bones at times but I think Leila and Vlad are different enough from them to separate the characters.

Vlad was everything I love about him, egotistical and HOT with that fire just making him that little bit more exciting. I love how whenever he gets mad Leila smelled smoke and that no matter what happened he stuck true to the man/ monster that he is. I am so truly in love with Vlad I can’t even find the words to describe him, once again Frost has managed to suck me in so much that I never wanted it to end! God I’d love to live in this world.

The ending was a bit mean though, I really expected there to be some resolution between Leila and Vlad but like the great author that she is, Frost has made it impossible to not read the next one in the series. I cannot WAIT for the next book!

Team Vlad all the way!!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Twice Tempted   

What it’s about:

Picking up where Once Burned left off, Twice Tempted has Leila working to win the love of a man who says he cannot love and Vlad showing his love in the way only a vampire could. But when they are seperated by that very problem, Leila finds herself the subject of someone’s rage and she’s not taking it lying down!

My Review:

“No one feels like you do, so every brush of your skin is a cruel reminder of what I’ve lost. I can barely stand the sight of you because you’re more beautiful than I’ve allowed myself to remember…”

Oh Vlad, how I’ve missed you!!

As expected from Miss Frost, from the second you pick up this book you’re sucked back into the world of the Night Huntress series, and anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE this world. In my opinion you’re not a real vampire if you’re not like these ones. And everyone know’s that Vlad is my all time favourite character so for me these books are always a good read.

I will say I enjoyed this one a little bit more than the first, Leila becomes an even more kick ass chick and seeing the side of Vlad that loves makes me love him even more! I really love Leila in this book, she was spunky and she has the most awesome power ever! I didn’t love the involvement of Maximus, for me there was always something a bit sketchy about him and let’s face it, he’s no Vlad. Having said that I think that is exactly the problem, we know this world and the characters so when Vlad does something we know what it means and sometimes you forget that the character doesn’t know him so well. I also found Leila’s family to be beyond annoying, I want to smack the tongue right out of her sisters mouth and tell her father to piss off. but other than them I enjoyed all the characters in the book.

Vlad was amazing as always (but really did you expect anything else?), he is his strong, cold self and yet we finally get to see the Vlad who talked Cat off a ledge, the man who can love and be passionate about the people who mean the most to him.

I must say I had a few “holy crap” moments in this book where I really didn’t see things coming. Frost has done another fantastic job bringing to life the world and characters we love. I cannot wait for the next one!

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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