Bates Motel TV Series

This weekend I decided to start watching the new TV series Bates Motel. As a Hitchcock fan I was incredibly intrigued to watch the series that was inspired by his greatest master piece (It’s the movie Psycho for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about).

So I got comfortable and started with episode one, and what I got was 15 min of pure discomfort and a complete state of freaked out! Really, Hitchcock would have been proud. Now I say 15 min because that’s about how long I lasted before I completely flipped out and couldn’t bare to watch anymore. Which, of course, is what makes me desperate to watch more – once I fast forward past that one part.

Our introduction to the modern day, adolescent Norman Bates was so well done, with Freddie Highmore giving me chills. Really, I cannot believe how the innocent Charlie Bucket and August Rush looked at me with evil seeping from every pore. I take my hat off to this young actor! He managed to bring Norman Bates to life. Though I’m not sure that’s a complement.

The series is really so very well done, if you can stomach the content. You get a real idea for how Norman Bates was from the beginning and you can really understand how he ended up keeping his dead mother in the house.

If you’re a Psycho fan who respects the disturbed world of a psycho killer, check out Bates Motel.


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