The Unbound Series – Rachel Vincent

So last night I started the third book in Rachel Vincent’s awesome Unbound series – Oath Bound. This is one of my all time favourite series and I thought before I throw out my review for the 3rd book, I’d give you some background into the series and my review for the first two books. If you’re an avid PNR reader I highly recommend these books.


What it’s about:

Blood Bound is the story of Olivia Warren, a bloodtracker – someone who can track anyone with a sample of their blood – in a world where Skilled people are not acknowledged by the government, making it easy for crime syndicates to rule the streets. Liv is very good at her job but refuses to permanently bind herself to anyone, especially either of the leaders of the top syndicates in the city. When Liv’s old childhood friend asks her to do something she cannot refuse, Liv is throw into the world she hates and has to work with the man she loves but has to stay away from. Both Cam and Liv have secrets that neither want the other to know but when lives are at stake, secrets come tumbling out.

My Review:

Holy sweet mother of greatness, I have no words for the magnificence that is this book!

This book was so full of action packed, suspenseful moments I could hardly stand it. At times I was so eager to find out what was going to happen next, I read so fast I started seeing stars. There are plenty of ‘holy crap’ moments in this book and just when I thought I knew what was going to happen I was thrown in the deep end and shocked right out of my socks.

Liv is one of the greatest women I have ever read about and I had a very interesting imagine in my head of who would win in a fight between her and Cat from Night Huntress. She kicks ass like no other and is willing to sacrifice her life and body for the ones she loves. I loved Liv’s constant defines of Cavazos, even when she physically couldn’t resist his orders. I also loved that she happily kicked his ass back.

Cam is so hot I want to pull my hair out when I think about him. There are moments in the book where you want to smack him, I had times where I grabbed a hold of my poor Kindle and had to physically restrain myself from bunching it cause if him. He is strong and is so in love with Liv it hurt to read from his POV. I would do anything to have a man like him – strong, sweet, funny – defying his bindings to be with me.

I loved the way this story played out, the forethought of Elle was fantastic and even though you kinda want to kill her for it, you understand why she does it all. There were so many surprises in the book and with every one you just want more.


What it’s about:

Kori Daniels is being punished for her part in the almost death of syndicate leader Jake Tower but when she gets the chance to redeem herself (to a point) she has no choice but to take on the task… Recruit Ian Holt. Ian Holt has exposed himself to the syndicates with one goal in mind, kill Kenley Daniels… Kori’s sister.

My Review:

Rachel Vincent has become one of my all time favourite authors. She has the most incredible ability to tell a story that captivates you from the first page to the last! Shadow Bound is book 2 in her Unbound series and like Blood Bound the story was heart stopping with amazing action and intense passion.

I loved Kori, foul mouth and all. Kori is strong and kick ass, but unlike Liv she is tainted by pain and humiliation so her strength isn’t as “cool” as Liv’s but still one of the greatest parts about her.

Ian is AMAZING! Another fantastic guy to fall in love with. I loved his sense of houmor and the fact that he was determined to save the people he loved but was still too noble to really hurt an innocent young woman.

From the beginning of this book you just want to hold Kori and let her know that the world isn’t as evil as she has seen it to be. The book starts off with her in Tower’s basement being tortured and you immediately respect her strength and resolve. In Blood Bound I really thought that Tower might just be the lesser of two evils because of the way he “saved” Van but boy was I wrong! I really hated Tower and his disgusting brother and sister, what they do to Kori and Kenley is beyond monstrous and I don’t blame anyone for wanting to kill them. I also thought that Kori was hard and a bitch with the way she was to Liv in book one but like everything in life, once you see it from her point of view you totally understand.

There was so much clever in this book, from Ian’s secrets to the subtle hints that make you think you’ve heard them say something but in the end realise that no one actually said that. The ending was awesome and so exciting my heart was beating like crazy.

This book was everything I love about the genre!


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