Lethal Weapon Marathon

So if you’re a Lethal Weapon fan like me, any time you get the chance to sit down and watch all 4 movies you will. And that’s just what I’ve done this past weekend. It’s been 26 years since the first movie came out! That means I was 2 when the movie was first released, and it’s still great!

Some people think someone who watches the same movie over and over again is insane, but the truth is, you can watch the same movie 50 times and still see new things every time. That’s really the case for me this time. Has anyone else picked up on the fact that South Africa and Apartheid feature in almost all of the Lethal Weapon movies? If you haven’t here’s a quick breakdown:

Lethal Weapon 1: When Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is searching his home for Rianne, he goes in to the kitchen and on the fridge is a sticker that says something along the lines of “Free South Africa, end Apartheid”.

Lethal Weapon 2: If you’ve seen it, you know that the movie has a strong message against Apartheid, and the storyline follows Riggs and Murtaugh chasing South African criminals.

Lethal Weapon 4: The psychologist references Nelson Mandela when talking to Riggs.

So if you’re in the grips of a freezing winter (like me) and want to spend the weekend in bed, I recommend a Lethal Weapon marathon. If you’ve seen it, maybe this will help you realise that there’s probably stuff you missed the first time around. If you haven’t seen them – you really are missing out!


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